8 March 2013, The Loft at Manansala, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Philippines
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Following the successful maiden run of the Tech Leaders’ Series through “Cloud Computing Now!” held in 2011, the 2012 Tech Leaders’ Series is itprosasia.com’s exclusive members’ conference.  The Tech Leaders’ Series is a celebration of possibilities, new trends and directions that may impact the I.T. manager and CIO’s roles in the organization.

With the theme, “Think Excellence, Live Excellence in I.T.” this year’s run is guided by key priorities such as innovation, driving enterprise growth, increased productivity, cost reduction and strategic leadership.

itprosasia.com members will have the privilege of learning from itprosasia.com members themselves and other industry executives, thought leaders, foremost practitioners in their specialized areas in I.T.  The conference is a rare networking and brainstorming opportunity with the Philippines’ top technology professionals.  The Tech Leaders’ Series is a leading tech event that maintains its key objective of highlighting the Information Technology profession, its related disciplines and above all, technology professionals who now play a crucial role in driving enterprise and organizational growth.

We invite you to take part in this exclusive members’ conference, a rare tech event of this caliber designed and organized by itprosasia.com.


itprosasia.com is thePhilippines’ leading technology jobs resource. Catering not only to the employment needs of its member base of technology professionals, itprosasia.com is a favored resource for training, certification and learning options.  itprosasia.com is steadily growing its member base of thePhilippines’ finest I.T. professionals.  With more than 2,100 members, itprosasia.com is thePhilippines’ leading tech jobs resource and aims to be the region’s no. 1.  It maintains its mission of helping transform ordinary tech people into leaders and achievers.


  • Learn. About cloud computing and how some Philippine companies have successfully implemented it, get updates on security and compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery and the latest mobile and collaboration technologies that impact business, with many more key topics intended to highlight today’s best practices.
  • Network and Brainstorm.  You are not alone.  Similar issues, different situations and a variety of options for resolution.  At the Tech Leaders’ Series, learn from the experiences of others.  Nothing is impossible!
  • Contribute.  You are the innovation!  Your learning and experiences matter.  Share a white paper and become our valued speaker and let others learn from you.
  • Celebrate.  I.T. has moved away from the small cubicle run by the so-called company geek to becoming a key arm that plays a crucial, strategic role in operating, growing and yes, even securing the survival of the enterprise.  Challenges remain and keep getting bigger.  But the technology professional shall overcome and will lead the way.