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Holiday Advisory: April 7, 2012 as a Special Non-Working Holiday

PROCLAMATION NO. 360, as Malacañang Palace declared April 7 (Saturday) as  special (non-working) day throughout the country in observance of Black Saturday which falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. MALACAÑAN PALACE MANILA BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES PROCLAMATION NO. 360 DECLARING SATURDAY, 7 APRIL 2012, AS A SPECIAL (NON-WORKING) DAY THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY WHEREAS, Saturday, 7 […]

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Introducing the Alexa toolbar

Part of’s mission is to deliver the latest job openings and tech-related news, articles and event information directly to our valued members and website visitors alike. We are proud to present the new Alexa toolbar and its numerous features below: 1.)    Search for the best tech job opening by using the toolbar search […]

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Welcome to’s Tech Blog

Welcome to!, the Philippines’ leading Technology Jobs resource website for Tech Professionals. This blog will focus on providing you (the Techies) with informative articles that will hopefully help with you with creating the right type of resume, finding the perfect job opportunities based on your Technical skills and many more! Ever since itprosasia (previously […]

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