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itprosasia.com is the Philippines’ premier on-line career resource for technology professionals. We present opportunities available to technology professionals by lining up today's most in-demand, technology-related career openings. 
To constantly grow its network of technology professionals, itprosasia.com is partnered with leading schools and universities and works only with reputable professional and business assocations locally and globally.  itprosasia.com is the only tech career portal in the Philippines that can boast of a membership base of experienced technology professionals with expertise in programming/software engineering, business operations, web development and administration, digital media and technicalsupport.
itprosasia.com is a recognized advocate for continued learning in IT and certification and is noted in thePhilippine IT and BPO circles as developer of innovative, quality events and conferences such as “CertifyIT!,” “The Career Lounge,” and “CelebrateIT!.”  
itprosasia.com launches its 2013 website and its suite of products and services with pro-active recruitment in mind.  Our tech recruitment philosophy is anchored on quality.  Because quality begets quality, we know that our tech professional members seek to find only the best companies who can provide professional growth and above all, will keep them constantly challenged.  We are not about numbers but we are certainly about quality numbers. 
Quality people and the best companies don’t wait.  They are pursued.  Only the best and brightest technology professionals and today’s leading corporations who know exactly what they want can understand this.
Welcome to pro-active recruitment.  Welcome to itprosasia.com. 

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